Tailored Approach

Pupils benefit from small class sizes and skilled subject teachers, offering each pupil a bespoke approach for their needs. We ensure they are prepared for their choice of senior school destination by providing dynamic and rigorous content across subjects, with adaptable pupil assessment techniques based on pupils’ individual needs through a variety of different methods.

Revision Workshops

  • Helps pupils hone important study techniques and skills, which will bolster their learning in secondary education.
  • Our pupils sit Common Entrance Assessments in English, Maths and Science after the May half term of Year 8.
  • These assessments ensure a smooth transition to senior school. The academic grounding that Common Entrance provides pupils in preparing them for their Year 11 Assessments is unrivalled. 

Careers Talks

Provided several times a year to give pupils insight into the kinds of future job opportunities that are available. This is further supported by weekly careers-based lessons in form time and key speaker presentations from leading industry experts.

Senior School Success

  • Comprehensive Reports | Written for each pupil for their chosen senior school to ensure a smooth transition, highlighting not only the pupil’s academic and co-curricular strengths, but their personal qualities and characteristics.
  • Tailored Interview Practice | Appropriate for their school of choice.
  • Specialist Enrichment Programmes | Offered to give pupils the best chance of success when undertaking scholarships. 

Online Portfolios

In order to record the range of their achievements throughout Years 7 & 8, pupils create their own online portfolios to store and present their assessments and any other work they and their teachers feel should be celebrated. Pupils can share this online record of their work with prospective senior schools.


Pupils who wish to sit the Common Academic Scholarship Examination are prepared through support sessions and alternative homework tasks. We have ensured that our curriculum is flexible enough to allow for simultaneous CASE preparation.


Other subjects are assessed formally in a variety of ways which allow children to develop a range of skills, such as debating, problem solving, presenting, mind mapping, research and role-play, alongside more traditional writing exercises, such as essays, letters and reports. Using a variety of assessment methods allows children to find different ways of expressing their understanding, while developing confidence in these disciplines.

Confidence Building & Incremental Acceleration

Our curriculum is incrementally accelerated, ensuring that there is a calm and controlled approach to the examination process. This ensures that our pupils possess an inner confidence and intellectual curiosity, which makes them well placed to embrace the challenges of entrance exams. 

We offer small classes, with teaching led by experienced, dynamic, secondary trained mathematics teachers, enthusiastic to pass on their love and enjoyment of the subject. Our pupils leave with the skills and understanding required to be one step ahead on the road to their success at GCSE and beyond.

Roma Phillimore
Head of Maths

Our Senior School Transition Officer maintains close links with senior schools to ensure that we’re equipping our pupils with the skills and knowledge they require to be ready for their senior school journey. 

Open communication between parents and Hazelwood staff is key. Our dedicated staff team know your child and we can help guide pupils towards a selection of schools where we believe your child will thrive as an individual based on a depth of knowledge of both your child and the senior schools.

Hazelwood does a brilliant job of bringing its pupils to 'Senior School Readiness’ as I term it – a curious and independent mind, paired with a stable and strong sense of self; a practical independence and a passion for and commitment to academic learning.

Former Parent

I wanted to write and tell you how pleased we are that we decided to keep our son at Hazelwood for Years 7 and 8 … gave him time to mature and develop before beginning his journey at his senior school. The experiences that he had during his last 2 years in particular were incredible.

Former Parent

A highlight was definitely the Year 8 Leavers Programme - I don't think his senior school will be able to match that! The friendships that he developed during his time at Hazelwood are really strong … Hazelwood helped prepare him really well for his senior school and whilst he left with some sadness, he was really excited about joining his new school. He has settled in really well and had no problem meeting new friends. The curriculum and style of teaching prepared him really well as he starts his GCSE's and I am pleased to say that he appears unfazed by them.

Former Parent.

He oozes confidence and takes most things in his stride now … my son is so happy to go to school and seems much happier in himself. I have no doubt that he will excel in whatever he chooses to do as he is beginning to find the determination to succeed inside himself. I thought that you would be interested to hear how things are going, and I also wanted to tell you that all your, and your staff's, hard work has really paid off. My ‘child’ doesn't appreciate it now, but the foundations that you all gave him to build on were fantastic. So again, thank you.

Former Parent.

My children’s growth in confidence and also their achievement is down to their and Hazelwood’s combined efforts. They have grown up so much over the last year and have surprised my husband and me by their high levels of determination, self-motivation and achievements. They were very committed to working over the holidays with past assessment papers, but also were able to enjoy life and put things into perspective. We still had time for a holiday, garden cricket and football camp!

Senior School Destinations

We take great care in preparing each child for a senior school most appropriate for their personality, academic ability and talent. The wide range of senior schools reflects Hazelwood’s broad education and excellent record in securing the right school for every child. 


My children have been shaped by their school and I am incredibly proud of the young adults they are. I will always be grateful for the impact an amazing school can have on a child.

Hazelwood Parent