Nurturing Minds, Hearts, and Courage

Drawing on our rich history and surrounded by inspiring school grounds, we take pride in our educational and pastoral excellence. Crucially, we go beyond just delivering an excellent pastoral and academic education. We aim to open minds through building curiosity, open hearts by teaching compassion, and foster courage in how pupils use their learning.

We want our pupils to thrive in an increasingly complex world and become changemakers, not only at their senior school of choice, but also in their lives beyond formal education.


Cultivating Confident Individuals of Character

I am often asked to describe a typical Hazelwood child, which is almost impossible.  Our pupils all join us as unique individuals and they leave us as confident young people, comfortable in their identity and ready to face the world with compassion, courage and respect.  Our wonderful staff team expertly nurture this growth of our pupils with their unshakable belief in the potential of every child in their care.


Embracing Innovation for Lifelong Learning

Our commitment to our community extends beyond traditional methods. Our innovative curriculum integrates real-life experiences, encouraging interactions with people, exploration of relevant issues, and the development of solutions to authentic problems. As adults, we treasure this golden opportunity to shape children’s lives, as at this age, they are at their most receptive to nurture on a multitude of levels.

We make every day count.


Fostering Growth and Learning with Passion

As a front-runner in pastoral care and educational innovation, Hazelwood is more than a school. In the words of Sir Ken Robinson (author, orator & educationalist):

"As educators, our role is to create the conditions for growth, development, and learning to happen.  When we get it right, we discover that all along we have been in the miracle business, and it is honestly the only business to be in."

At Hazelwood, we love being in the miracle business!