At Hazelwood, wellbeing is not a standalone concept; it is woven seamlessly into the fabric of everyday life. We believe that a positive and supportive environment is essential for the holistic development of our pupils. With a commitment to cultivating mental and emotional wellness, we have implemented a comprehensive programme to look after ourselves and each other, that involves the entire school community.


Wellbeing Days

Each term, we dedicate a special Wellbeing Day to celebrate the collective health of our community. This day is a testament to our belief that fostering wellbeing is a shared responsibility. Staff and pupils alike are given a choice of activities that promote positive mental health, made possible through the generous time given by parents who kindly offer their skills, contacts and knowledge to build a diverse range of activities for people to choose from.

Pupils and staff can select from a wide range of wellbeing activities including walking in the woods, Reiki massage, animal petting, natural craft making, flower arranging, reading, sports, board games and more. The sole purpose is to take time out of our busy lives, to reconnect, be active, learn new skills, take notice and to give. 


A successful child is first and foremost a happy child.

Howard Garlick
Deputy Head, Wellbeing & EYFS

Mental Health First Aiders

Our specially trained mental health first aiders not only give our pupils the support they need but also equip them with tools to manage their wellbeing independently. They are trained to provide immediate assistance, ensuring a practical approach to mental wellbeing, and also equipping pupils and staff with tools to self-manage their own thoughts and feelings.


Pupil Feedback Surveys

Pupil surveys conducted regularly help gauge the wellbeing of our students. From these surveys, we develop action plans that support individuals, classes, and entire year groups. This data-driven approach allows us to tailor our support to the specific needs of our community.


The Wellbeing Hub: TeenTips

The online Hub is accessible to staff, parents, and pupils aged 10 and above and acts as a central resource, fostering collaboration and communication to ensure comprehensive support. It contains a vast amount of information that is designed to support mental wellbeing. It provides valuable tools, links and signposting to resources and experts.


Mentoring and the School Counsellor

For pupils needing one-to-one support, certain members of staff are trained to mentor children. For those requiring an extra layer of support, our on-site School Counsellor works closely with identified individuals, providing one-on-one sessions, drop-ins, and group activities during lunch breaks.


Wellbeing & AI

At Hazelwood, we recognise the enormous potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence tools when used responsibly, given their rapid evolution. However, we prioritise a holistic, people-centric approach that emphasizes genuine human connections and empathy. While AI holds significant promise, we firmly believe that human understanding, subtlety, and empathy are indispensable, particularly in addressing complex issues.

Within our community at Hazelwood, fostering a sense of belonging and interconnectedness is fundamental to our culture. We are dedicated to providing personalised support and mentorship to our students, ensuring they feel genuinely understood and valued. Moving forward, we will integrate emerging technologies thoughtfully to enhance, rather than replace, the irreplaceable human touch.

Staff Wellbeing

Our school community prioritises staff as well as pupils. The Staff Welfare Committee, made up of representatives from various departments, ensures staff thoughts, feelings and concerns are voiced and listened to. A thriving social committee also ensures a work-life balance, to help staff stay connected and foster a positive Hazelwood community.

A happy, positive community to learn, work and play is the beating heart of our school.