At Hazelwood, we expect our pupils to dress smartly, reflecting a desire to learn and a sense of belonging within our community. Our uniform is worn with pride by all of our pupils and they are expected to wear their blazer into school each day, except when they have PE or Games. Our Years 7 and 8 pupils wear a different colour blazer to identify them as the most senior students within our school. 

We encourage children to take responsibility for their possessions and to respect the property of others. All uniform details can be read in more detail within our uniform brochure.

Download The Uniform Brochure


Ordering Uniform

All uniform can be ordered from our supplier, Schoolblazer who will recommend sizing, based on your child's measurements. This ensures returns are kept to a minimum.

Each item of uniform must be marked clearly with the pupil’s name. Schoolblazer offers the facility to have newly ordered items of uniform internally labelled. 

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The Hazelwood School Shop

The Hazelwood School Shop has a wide selection of nearly-new uniform and school equipment for sale at reduced prices. It also has a range of new uniform garments available in all sizes for pupils to try on. The Hazelwood School Shop is situated on the Hazelwood site, on the left as you enter the car park.

The Hazelwood School Shop standard opening times:

  • Every Monday during term time 8.00am - 9.15am.
  • Every Wednesday during term time 8.00am - 9.15am.