Cultivating Potential & Tradition

We believe in cultivating a sense of balance and humility and fostering an unshakable belief in the potential of every pupil. Our historic commitment to inspiring young people to flourish, dating back to our foundation in 1890, remains steadfast.

Hazelwood School believes in the uniqueness of every pupil. Our school motto, "Spiritu Inspiratus" (Lungfuls of Inspiration), signifies our commitment to instilling a love of learning and echoes our founders' choice of a location with abundant fresh air. 


Our Aims

Excellence in Personal and Academic Development
Nurture and support each pupil on a journey of self-development, by providing excellent care and guidance.
Inspire all pupils with the ambition to achieve their highest academic standards.
Encourage independence, inner confidence, and mutual respect.
Passion for Learning and Community Engagement
Offer the opportunity for all pupils to be inspired with passion and determination.
Ensure active participation in the wider life of the school.
Foster an understanding of pupils' place in the local and global community.
Dynamic Role Models and Partnership
Employ staff who love working with children and demand excellence from themselves and their pupils.
Act as dynamic and inspirational role models.
Work in partnership with parents to ensure every pupil's time at Hazelwood is happy and enriching, preparing them fully for their chosen life path.

Lots of things make Hazelwood special. The location is stunning, the teachers are world class and the culture and learning environment they have created is really special.