Tailored For Pupils

We believe every pupil can succeed with the right support and our experienced staff get to know each child and encourage them to pursue their passions.


Understanding Needs

Understanding and respect for the rights, needs and feelings of others and their property is integral to our pastoral care. Our pupils learn to act with courage and to respond with compassion

We actively seek pupil perspectives through regular surveys and feedback sessions and these pupil-led insights help tailor improvement in our approach. 


Lower School Pastoral Care
(Reception – Year 4)

At Hazelwood, pupils are all well known to staff and our pastoral care is at the very centre of everything that we do. We take pride in knowing each pupil’s interests, passions, strengths, and learning styles. This knowledge helps us create a supportive environment where pupils feel happy and engaged.

Prioritising Wellbeing

Staff regularly undergo training to enable them to cater to every pupil's individual needs. In order to prioritise wellbeing, we incorporate activities like yoga and discussions about feelings into the daily routine. These practices help pupils regulate themselves and develop a sense of independence

Form tutors are always on hand to listen to any concerns or needs a pupil might have and morning registration is the perfect time to address any issues.

Upper School Pastoral Care
(Years 5 - 8)

We have comprehensive systems to develop pupils’ independence and confidence and their responsibilities increase as they move up through the school.

Pupils see their form tutor at least once a day, with the focus being on monitoring each child’s academic progress and wellbeing. In addition to the form tutor, the children benefit from having a dedicated Head of Year, alongside the wider pastoral team. 


Building Relationships

Pastoral care remains at the forefront of what we do in Upper School. Pupils benefit from smaller form groups, allowing them to build strong relationships with their tutor. At this stage, we introduce vertical tutoring, which allows peer mentoring and the ability to discuss challenging and relevant topics in a safe and controlled manner. 

Pupil voice is further expanded in Years 7 and 8, offering the children the ability to have a say in how the school is run. In Year 8, every pupil has the opportunity to pursue a leadership role of responsibility, which further fosters confidence and self-esteem.

Our aims for every pupil:

  • Ensure they are happy and well-motivated.
  • Treat every pupil as an individual.
  • Nurture every pupil emotionally, socially, academically, physically and creatively.
  • Ensure every pupil is learning and developing in a stimulating, positive and supportive environment.
  • Ensure all pupils feel valued and included.
  • Encourage thoughtful and considerate behaviour.
  • Help pupils enjoy and be active participants in all aspects of school.
  • Gradually gain independence.
  • Develop high self-esteem.


The House System

From Year 1 upwards, all pupils at Hazelwood belong to a School house - Baily, Parry, Dowling or Irving. Named after past Head Teachers and the school's founder, pupils come together in their houses at fortnightly house meetings, to compete in interhouse sports, debating, music and eco challenges and to earn house points for great work and excellent behaviour.


Competition & Community

The house system is an ideal way for the school community to mix across the years and for everyone to share talents, enthusiasm and energy for the collective glory of their individual houses.  The summer term Sports Day trophy is perhaps the most keenly contested of all interhouse competitions.

We have found Hazelwood a wonderful school for our kids to grow, develop and make fantastic friends.


They seem to really understand our kids, finding out what inspires them to enjoy school and creating the right environment to help them develop.