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Religious Studies and Philosophy and Theology

Hazelwood School’s Religious Studies (Years 1-6)and Philosophy and Theology (Years 7&8) curriculums encourage a reflective approach to living.

We offer a knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of both Christianity and world religions and we encourage our children to develop their skills in forming opinions based on belief, evidence, evaluation, argument and reflection. Both Religious Studies and Philosophy and Theology forma distinctive element within the curriculum, whilst sharing in the task of fostering our children’s well being and all-round development. We hope that values ‘come alive 'in RS and PT lessons at Hazelwood as we support and celebrate our pupils’ own faiths. However, we also develop their ability to respect the feelings, thoughts and beliefs of all as they learn about and question the world around them.

All pupils from Years 1-6 study RS through topics such as 'Peace' or 'Freedom and Justice'. They will look at what the main religions believe and then think about their own lives and links to those that can inspire us such as Martin Luther King. In Years 7&8, as these two year groups take on the challenge of PT, the pupils start to blend more philosophical and ethical issues. This could involve thinking about 'Is a perfect society possible?' or debating the arguments for and against Animal Testing, alongside more theological issues such as how the world was created.

Through RS and PT at Hazelwood, we hope to develop intellectual curiosity and religious respect and tolerance on which our pupils can build firm foundations for their future.

Miss Tallin Clayton
Head of Religious Studies and Philosophy and Theology

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