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Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE)


At Hazelwood we believe that the successful development of life skills enables children to function effectively, maximise their opportunities and fulfil their potential. Consequently PSHE, which focuses on establishing and exploring these skills within a Hazelwood child’s education, has equal importance with other areas of the curriculum and is accessed both within the classroom and throughout every area of school life.

It is our aim that Hazelwood children make the most of every day and that they are happy, confident, competent individuals who are comfortable in their own skins and keen to take on whatever challenges and opportunities come their way. Our rich and diverse curriculum explores personal, social and world community issues through a wide variety of teaching styles and outside agencies. Our children draw on and frequently share their own personal experiences to challenge preconceptions when exploring issues and values and they are encouraged to view events from a variety of perspectives before making informed decisions.

Teachers are encouraged to choose the learning style which bests suits both the topic and the children in their care and this in turn personalises the curriculum while offering opportunities for extending language development, developing structured argument through debate, and practising critical thinking, teamwork and organisational skills. The curriculum is sufficiently flexible to provide a forum for the discussion of issues arising in school, both in and outside of the classroom, and this provides staff with a collective approach for dealing with potentially sensitive issues.

Hazelwood children are encouraged to explore their options through the curriculum and are empowered to think for themselves, to understand that they have informed choices to make every day and that their choices have consequences. Our children are encouraged to adopt a positive ‘can do’ mentality, to take responsibility for themselves, their learning and their opportunities. As, whilst personal circumstances vary, we believe that a positive attitude will have a significant impact on the quality of life our children will ultimately enjoy.

It is our aim that the life skills nurtured at Hazelwood will help prepare the children in our care to maintain their own wellbeing and to bravely meet and relish the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities that come their way both at Hazelwood and beyond. 

Miss Tallin Clayton 

Head of PSHE


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