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Learning Support / Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Hazelwood is a non-selective inclusive school which caters for all and celebrates diversity. Hazelwood's Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision is designed to support pupils with learning difficulties or needs, whatever their nature, which may act as barriers to their learning and preventing them from reaching their potential.As a School, we aim to follow the fundamental principles of the Equality Act 2010 as well as the SEN Code of Practice 2015, in that all children and young people are entitled to an education that enables them to:
  1. achieve their best;
  2. become confident individuals living fulfilling lives; and
  3. make a successful transition into their next school.

The Department is well resourced and the staff have varied qualifications and experience spanning all the areas of SEN needs. As a Department we liaise and listen to teachers, support staff and parents, when concerns are raised. We believe that early identification is key in providing children with the support that they need. Children entering the School with a current assessment report have their needs addressed accordingly.

As pupils progress through the School, some with significant difficulties may be offered a reduced timetable allowing them time in the department to address their needs. Additional support takes place either on an individual basis or in groups both inside and outside the classroom.

Teaching staff are kept informed of pupils' needs and there is regular liaison between the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) and Heads of Year to monitor pupils' progress. Pupils with identified difficulties are placed on an SEN register, which is circulated to all staff, as well as 'Bookmarks' (information regarding their needs) with strategies to support their learning. Other children on the register will need more targeted support and IEPs (Individual Education Plans) are put in place to set and monitor progress. These are agreed between the School, staff and pupil and updated at least twice a year.

We are also aware that 'happy children learn.' As a Department we consider pupils' emotional, social and mental health needs and provide support through Emotional Literacy Support, counselling and lego therapy clubs.

Finally, we believe that liaison between school, pupils and parents is key and our approach to additional support is a true partnership between pupils, staff and parents with open and regular communication.

Lucy Pelling
Special Educational Needs Coordinator

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