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Performing Arts

At Hazelwood, we aim to create a balance of performing and responding to drama within a progressive, child centered curriculum. We offer opportunities for pupils to build confidence, to create and explore drama but also have the chance to shine in showcase performances to an audience. In some years they explore drama without having performance as an end result, whilst in Years 2, 4, 6 and 8, they take part in a play. Throughout the year, pupils also perform poems and speeches and are given many opportunities to perform, for example, in our annual talent show, in inter-house competitions and concerts.


There is an important extra-curricular dimension to drama provided by theatre visits, workshops, hosting professional companies and the production of school plays. Such activities enrich the curriculum and the pupils' cultural and aesthetic experience as a whole; encourage high artistic standards throughout the school. That is why we offer a workshop and a theatre trip in Years 6, 7 and 8 plus junior theatre visits.
Within the curriculum we promote drama as an arts subject involving group improvisation, exploring a variety of social, moral and personal issues. In lessons, we learn to adopt, sustain and develop roles as well as devise and perform original works. We learn to be critical of our own performances and evaluate the work of others.
The drama department is lively and busy and our fabulous theatre is constantly in use for lessons, concerts and plays.
Juliet Housego
Head of Drama
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