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Hazelwood Nursery & Early Years Parents
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Hazelwood School from 4 to 13 years

Hazelwood School is made up of its Oak Reception, Lower School (Years 1-5, aged 5-9 years old) and its Upper School (Years 6-8, aged 10-12 years old). Our Nursery looks after children from aged 9 months up to their transfer at 4 years old into Reception. The Nursery and Early Years are located at our Bluehouse Lane site in the heart of Oxted town. There are strong links between the two sites with children, particularly of the Lower School involved in joint music, drama and art projects.
The Heads of each year group (from Years 1 to 8) play an important role in the pastoral and academic development of the children in their care.
We believe that the early years of a child's education are vital in building firm foundations for future learning. It is during this time that they develop a natural curiosity and a love of learning which will hold them in good stead for the rest of their lives. Each child is valued as an individual and every child's strengths are recognised and encouraged. We actively promote good manners, high self esteem and thoughtful behaviour. We seek to ensure all children achieve their full potential in our safe, secure and nurturing environment.
Our staff work hard to ensure that life at Hazelwood is challenging, stimulating and enjoyable. They are available on a daily basis, by appointment, to discuss any questions there may be about a child's progress or the Curriculum.
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