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This Year's Charities

Over the year, the school, along with the Parents' Association, support a number of charities through special fund raising events. The charities are a mix of both local and national organisations that strike a particular chord with the members of the school. So far this year the pupils have raised money for Jeans for Genes Day, Children in Need and Save the Children.  This year the school's two nominated charities are LimbPower and Jigsaw.
The Parent Association's Annual events includes ‘ Its a Knockout', which is run in partnership with the association's charity InterAKtive which involves all disabled children, including those children who need 1:1 support, have complex impairments, medical conditions, children with Autism and emotional and behavioural difficulties.
The school encourages as many children as possible to get involved in these charity events. It's a great way for them to live and appreciate life to the full and in doing so, help others who need a little more support. Over the years, strong links have been built up with local charities, special schools and hospitals. Christmas concerts and drama productions offer further opportunities through the year to cement these friendships and further raise awareness of the challenges others face in everyday life.
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