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Head's Commendation Awards

I am delighted to announce that the following children have not only worked hard, producing some excellent work, but have also shown courteous and considerate behaviour. They have been rewarded with the necessary House Points to achieve the following Head's Commendations.  Congratulations to everyone. Keep up the good work!
2013-2014 AWARDS
Bronze Award: 100 House Points
3D:    Thomas H, Holly D, Emilia S, Lucy L, Dylan M, Annie V, Charlotte P, Lois G, Mya M, Anna-Sophia T, Fred W,
         Romy Mae E, Max A, Eddie H, Gemma W, Jade R,  
3J:     Lucy H, Alexander D, Freya D, Luca G, Zac H, Alice L, Edward M, Hannah Rh, Hannah Ri, James R, James T,
         Erin W, Pippa M, Eloise S,
3R:    Max E, William H, Felicity C, Camilla E, Gracie-Mae K, Thomas L, Henry A, Jasmine F, Lucas H, Jasmine V,
         Lottie C, Harriet L, Hollie M, Elana S,
4M:    Josh W, Sam H, Felix C, Freddie B, Max B, James H, Nacho R, Hannah R, Joseph M, Kitty B, Georgie L,
         Francesca C, Molly C, Harry C, Oscar P, Henry H-R,  
4S:    Richard C, Archie P, Francesca C, Holly dVH, Matthew T, James L, Charles T, Stephanie C, Ella G, Jake T,
         Maddie H, James U, Jake T, Jack C, Didac PC, 
4W:   Alex M, James M, Jonathan H, Austin T, Charlie L, Jack C, Jonny N, Alex M, William L, Finty B, Sophie T, Emily
         Bo C, Elias A, Anne Lisa R, Finty B, 
5A:    Oliver P, Eva G, Evie H, Lucy V, Thomas E, Tedd M, Morgan R, Ben S, Madeleine T, Archie L
5C:    Izzy F, Emma K, George L, Molly L, Jeremi S, Charlie D, Louis N-M, Sasha T, Kristian B, Max McE, Ben C,
         Anthony M, Oliver P, Emily S, Alexandra T, Annabelle Q, Marcus L,  Izzy F, Joel W, 
5D:    Jessica E, Pippa S, Harriet A, Camelia Q, Zac S, Emily K, Harry B, Matthew C, Tamsin A, Ella S, Max S, Ryan C,
6B:    Luke L, Louis McL, James T, Christian T, Baxter G, Alice W,
6L:    Luke W, Rupert C, Dan B,
6S:    Tom R, Jack U,  
7C:    Henry S, Joshua L, Scott C, James Q, Spiros G, Odette S,
7J:     Hugo H, 
Silver Award: 200 House Points
3D:   Thomas H, Emilia S, Dylan M, Holly D, Annie V, Lucy L, Benjamin S, Anna-Sophia T, Lois G, Charlotte P,
         Romy E, Fred W, Eddie H, Mya Mac, Max A, Camilla E, Elana S Z,
3J:    Zac H, Hannah R, Alice L, Freya D, Edward M, James R, Erin W, Alex D, Luca G, Lucy H, Pippa M, James T,
3R:   Max E, William H, Thomas L, Hollie M, Felicity C, Harriet L, Jasmine F, Henry A, Gracie-Mae,  
4M:   Felix C, Freddie B, Georgie L, Max B, Joseph McC, James H, Henry H-R, Nacho R, Francesca C, Oscar P,
4S:    Richard C, Francesca C, Archie P, Matthew T, Jake T, Holly dVH, Charles T, Stéphanie C, James L, James U, 
         Jack S, Ella G, Maddie H, Didac P,
4W:   Alex M, Sam H, Josh W, Charlie L, Jack C, James M, Jonathan H, Claudia T, William L, Jonny N, Finty B,
         Anne Lisa R,
5A:    Oliver P, Madeleine T, Lucy V, Ben S,
5C:    Emma K, Izzy F, George L, Jeremi L, Charlie D, Louis N-M, Oliver P, Emily S, Alex T, Sasha T, Annabelle Q,
         Molly L, Joel W, Ben C, Kristian B, Marcus L, Anthony M, 
5D:   Jessica E, Tamsin A, Pippa S, Matthew C, Gemma W, Zac S, Emily K,  Bart K-P, Camelia Q, Ella S, Max S, Harry B,
6L:    Luke W,
Gold Award: 300 House Points
3D:   Thomas H, Dylan M, Emilia S, Holly D, Annie V, Charlotte P, 
3R:   Max E, William H,  
3J:    Zac H, Luca G, Hannah Rho, James R, Hannah Ri
4B:   Freddie B, 
4M:   Sam H, Josh W, James H,
4S:   Francesca C,  Richard C, Matthew T, Jake T, Holly dVH, Archie P,  
4W:  Alex M, Jack C, James M, Charlie L, Jonathan H, Claudia T, Austin T,
5D:   Jessica E, Harriet A, Pippa S, Tamsin A, Emily K, Zac S, Matthew C, Gemma W,
5C:   Louis N-M, Emma K, Izzy F, Jeremi S, , Emily S, Oliver P, Joel W, George L,

400 House Points
3D:   Thomas H
Diamond Award: 500 House Points
5D:   Jessica E, Alex M

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