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Year 4 have the wind behind them on board the Curry Bean

The children of Year 4 set sail on their nautical adventure this week, performing the Pirates of the Curry Bean to packed audiences who thoroughly enjoyed the humour and the drama of the unfolding story on the high seas.  Yet again, the level of performance belied the young actors' ages and there were many performances which were quite remarkable.   
The Year 4 teachers attempted to steal the show dressed as gorillas from the island of Lumbago. Alas however, their masterful herding of children on and off stage was nothing compared to the clarity, confidence and charisma which many of the children displayed as the action followed the hunt for the long lost treasure.  As ever there were some surprising stars of the show; individuals who took their moment to captivate and entertain, whether it be in a more prominent role or as a member of the ensemble.  Those that took the opportunity to try out a piratical accent should receive particular praise with Barney's and Thomas' threatening tones proving most terrifying!

At the age of nine years, to pick up a microphone, stare into a theatre of expectant faces and sing on time and in key, is quite a tall order.  Yet in Lilian, Phoebe and Louis we found three individuals more than up to the challenge. Our thee-cornered hats are raised in their honour. Talking of which Ollie wore his, as Admiral Hornhonker, with panache and pathos.  He was as wet as the Atlantic Ocean but as perfect an upper class fop as you could wish for.  A tour de force in one so young.
The whole play was tremendous and everyone seemed to be enjoy playing their part in what was an ensemble triumph!  I was delighted when the potentially cannibalistic Chief Wonga turned out to be no other than Pearl Periwinkle’s long lost husband and pirate Captain.

All's swell that ends swell!
Posted: 05/02/2018 at 13:19
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