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The Future of Education arrives at Hazelwood

From September staff and pupils will be able to visit THE B.O.X to experience a whole new world of teaching and learning.  Designed as a totally agile learning space, the environment will fuse the latest technological advances with the innate ability of all children to be creative. It will be a space in which there will be no rules about how to teach or how to learn.  There will be no teacher's desk nor front of class. There will be no fixed furniture; everything will be mobile.  It will herald a new way of teaching and learning which will be expansive, endless and full of investigative possibility.   The environment will offer pupils the opportunity to develop high order creative thinking and ingenuity, that of which technology will not be capable of, whilst having access to high-end technology to enhance their digital literacy. 

The space will be filled with the boundless opportunities presented by virtual reality, Lego construction, graphic design, interactive projection, robotics and Google Jamboards.  Thinking, when inside THE B.O.X, needs to be outside of the box!
Hazelwood School has for many years promoted active learning. The school has developed inquiring minds, stretching and supporting all pupils to be independent thinkers.  Most children can be taught enough facts and rules to pass even the most demanding of entrance exams, but this alone is not going to help them in the long term. The school has always believed that its pupils need the ability to communicate, to solve problems, to analyse.  It has always strived for its pupils to be determined and to develop negotiation skills.  Staff have always believed that their pupils need to understand resilience and appreciate the benefits of trying, but not always succeeding.
THE B.O.X has been born out of an ambition to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution; a movement which is characterised by a fusion of technologies that promises to blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.  It will be unique in the Prep School world and will sit within a timetable which continues to deliver rigour and breadth in the more traditional academic, sporting and creative pursuits inside and outside of the classroom.  
Lindie Louw, Head of Hazelwood is excited about the future of education at Hazelwood:
"Our Innovations Space has caught the attention of those in the worlds of Senior School Education and Technology.  All are eager to follow our progress and to share our experiences.  As a result, we are to become a Google Ambassador in Education, the only one in the whole of the independent schools sector.  Such is their belief, and excitement in what we are doing.”    
The B.O.X. will sit within a timetable which will continue to deliver rigour and breadth in the more traditional academic, sporting and creative pursuits inside and outside of the classroom. 

Posted: 15/08/2018 at 15/08/2018 08:39:45
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