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Pastoral Care in Years 1 and 2

Our aims for every child are as follows
Ensure every child is happy and well motivated
Treat every child as an individual
Nurture every child- emotionally, socially, academically, physically and creatively
Ensure every child is cared for, learns and develops in a stimulating, positive and supportive environment
Ensure all children feel valued and included
Encourage thoughtful and considerate behaviour
Help children enjoy and be active participants in all aspects of school
Gradually gain independence
Develop high self esteem

We aim to provide a positive, well-ordered learning environment, which values all children as individuals and where all success is celebrated. Understanding and respect for the rights, needs and feelings of others and their property are integral to our pastoral care. We encourage the children to share toys, take turns, help anyone who is in difficulty and remember to say sorry, please and thank you. We want the children to become more independent and confident, increasing responsibilities as they move through the school.
We believe that learning is a partnership between home and school and we work closely with parents, inviting them to join us for special assemblies, Nativity plays, end of year musical performances, open days and sports days. We welcome parents into the Chestnut building at the beginning of the day and it is a valuable time to talk to the teacher should the need arise.
Personal Social and Health education forms an integral part of the whole curriculum and in addition regular ‘circle times' are carried out.



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