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Religious Studies

Hazelwood School’s Religious Studies curriculum encourages a reflective approach to living.
We offer a knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of both Christianity and world religions and we encourage our children to develop their skills in forming opinions based on belief, evidence, evaluation, argument and reflection.  Religious Studies forms a distinctive element within the curriculum whilst sharing in the task of fostering our children’s well being and all-round development.
We hope that values ‘come alive’ in the classroom in RS lessons at Hazelwood.
The Religious Studies curriculum is supported by relevant outings to all the major faiths’ places of worship and by visits from members of our multi-faith community.  We support and celebrate our pupils’ own faiths but we also aim to develop their ability to respect the feelings, thoughts and beliefs of all.
In addition we aim to extend our children’s study in the Upper School to incorporate ethics and philosophy as we consider contemporary issues and evaluate the impact of the lives of modern day figures such as Martin Luther-King, Jackie Pullinger, Cecily Saunders & Oscar Romero.
We hope that all our children will understand the importance of religion, both in their own and other people’s lives, and the significant place that religion holds in today’s world.   We aim to achieve this by offering a comparative study of the beliefs and practices of Christianity and other world faiths within a framework of mutual tolerance and respect.   In this way we hope to develop the intellectual curiosity, religious tolerance and understanding on which our pupils can build firm foundations for their future.
Mrs Sara Young
Head of Religious Studies

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