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Records fall at glorious Sports Day

Records fall at glorious Sports Day
What a day we enjoyed as all the children from Oak Reception up to Year 8 took part in a most fabulous festival of sport and team spirit. Races were won and lost by a whisker, records were broken and silverware lifted aloft in celebration by Team Baily for the first time in a good number of years.  The weather was perfect.  Pavilion Field looked resplendent.  The support from the parents was enthusiastic and encouraging.  And every child threw their heart into each event, giving their all in pursuit of a personal best for them and for their house.
As the afternoon unfolded we witnessed no fewer than 15 school records being broken. On the track we were treated to outstanding performances from Charlie Taylor, Felix Curson, Liam Cobley, Hannah Williams and Josh Lendon to name a few but it was on the high jump bed where the main action unfolded.
Zac Hammerton and Max Ejje equalled the U8 boys record and Jas Fletcher blew the U8 girls record out of the water. Charlie Taylor and Lucian Wisniewski were inseparable in the U13 boys’ competition but special mention must go to Elin Howell. Elin having just broken her own personal best was on course to break the school record. Unfortunately the next thing to be broken was her arm after a nasty fall. Elin is a truly special young lady. In extreme pain she kept her composure answering all the medical questions thrown at her. In true heroic style Elin was back in school on Monday as if nothing had happened. We wish her a speedy recovery.
Possibly the biggest rivalry of the afternoon was in the U11 girls ball throw. Evie Hall managed to break a 10 year old school record only to have her 10 second old record broken by Harriet Alexander. This was a true example of fierce but friendly competition. Well done girls.
Below is a list of the school records broken this year. Well done to all.
U8 Boys High Jump - Zac Hammerton and Max Ejje 1.05m
U9 Boys Hurdles - Felix Curson 13.6sec
U9 Boys 70m - Felix Curson 10.2sec
U10 Boys 100m - Liam Cobley 13.2sec
U10 Boys 200m - Liam Cobley 31.2sec
U12 Boys 100m - Josh Lendon 13.3sec
U13 Boys 200m - Charlie Taylor 27.3sec
U13 Boys Hurdles - Charlie Taylor 11.2sec
U13 Boys 4x100 Relay - Dowling 59.4 sec
U8 Girls 70m - Jas Fletcher 11.4sec
U8 Girls Hurdles - Jas Fletcher 14.2 sec
U8 Girls High Jump - Jas Fletcher 1.17m
U11 Girls Ball Throw - Evie Hall (for about a minute)
U11 Girls Ball Throw - Harriet Alexander 35.2m
U12 Girls 800m - Hannah Williams 2min 56sec
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