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Development Programme

At Hazelwood we are rightly proud of our many wonderful facilities, including state of the art science labs and a superb sports hall, both of which have been built in the last ten years, as well as the excellent facilities created recently at the Laverock site for our rapidly expanding nursery. In recent years, the school completed a refurbishment of the swimming pool with the generous support of the Hazelwood Parents' Association. In the summer of 2014 the classroom-in-the-trees was finished and officially opened for use as both an educational and play environment.

Most recently the Baily Building, our new state of the art teaching facility housing fourteen classrooms, music and art rooms and a 450 seat auditorium, was opened in September 2016.  During the summer of 2018, the school has focused on creating an Innovations Space in the Willow Building; an agile learning space where the innate creativity of children will fuse together with the capabilities of the latest technologies to open up boundless and expansive opportunities for the school's teaching and learning.

The school, with the support of the Governors, constantly plan ahead and develop ideas for its next project(s) in line with the School's 3 Year Plan and Development Strategy. It also continues to assess and review how it can make best use of all its existing facilities across both sites.

The pursuit of educational excellence, and the provision of the best possible environment in which to learn and grow, underpin all the school's development and property related decisions. Any one looking to find out more or wanting to lend support, should contact Mel Mercer on
Tim Proctor
Property Governor


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