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Chapel Choir strike GOLD in Verona

The International Choral Festival of Verona, draws choirs from all over the world, including USA, Ireland, Croatia, Hungary, Sweden and Italy.  It is a prestigious competition with only the very best choirs being awarded a gold trophy and the title that goes with it of ‘Ottimo’ – the very best.
Despite being one of the youngest choirs taking part, the musicians of Hazelwood School’s Chapel Choir returned home from the Festival clutching a gold trophy and the title of Runners-Up.  Their mixed programme balanced traditional English songs with music from Africa and Eastern Europe.  They performed with charm and an enjoyment which captivated the hearts of the audiences and the world adjudicators.

They were commended for their musicality, their dynamic and their interpretation of some very different pieces and styles of music.  Watched by some of their parents who had travelled to Italy to support the choir, the children rose to the occasion and delivered a performance worthy of the months of preparation.  The festival was a wonderful celebration of choral music giving the choirs opportunities to listen to, sing along and make friends with other musicians.
Outside of the competition the children took advantage of the fabulous weather and setting to sing an impromptu song in the Arena of Verona and to visit Venice for the day, bursting into song on the waters of the Grand Canal.  There was plenty of opportunity to enjoy the local gelato and pizza and to visit Juliet’s famous balcony of love in the narrow and picturesque streets of Verona.
The Chapel Choir will next be singing at the school’s Open Day on 19th May.  

Posted: 28/04/2017 at 28/04/2017 14:54:35
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