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Alex is an A* maths genius

Hazelwood School is celebrating the success of one of its Year 6 pupils in this summer’s GCSE examinations.  Alex Mylet from Hurst Green was awarded an A* for his Maths GCSE scoring an impressive 97%.  Alex joins an elite group of mathematicians under the age of 15 years who take the GCSE examination ahead of time (4.4% of the total maths GCSE students) and those who are awarded an A* (6% of all pupils taking the examination).  His result is a magnificent achievement and one of which the school is immensely proud. 
Alex’ love of all things mathematical began from a very early age and is currently part of the school’s Gifted and Talented programme.  Mrs Roma Phillimore, Hazelwood’s Head of Maths, has been working with Alex over the last three months preparing him for the exam, always confident that he would do well.  His 97% result, whilst not entirely unexpected, was greeted with delight from family and school alike.
Alex has returned to Hazelwood for the start of Year 7 eager to secure a place at his chosen Senior School at the end of Year 8.  Whilst a maths A level hasn’t yet been discussed, Mrs Phillimore is keen to challenge Alex and to keep him on his mathematical toes.  She is preparing a project for him, using simulation (taken from the A level syllabus), to create a model showing how an early arrival in the school car park at the end of the day brings about a disproportionate amount of waiting time compared to a parent arriving ten minutes late as per the school guidance and recommendation.  It is hoped that this model will encourage parents to arrive later thereby prompting a smoother management of the car park and less traffic congestion out on Wolfs Hill.
Posted: 08/09/2016 at 12:17
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