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A song in our hearts for Songwe, Tanzania

On the final Sunday before the end of term, pupils, staff, families and friends gathered in the Bawtree Hall for a very special event. It was the Charity Concert staged to share news of Hazelwood's recently launched project to support the four community schools of the Songwe District in Tanzania.  It has been part of the School's Promise to build an understanding amongst its pupils of their role within the global community and this partnership finally delivers against this ambition. 

The project has been made possible by the generous support of the parents and of Shanta Gold who between them have facilitated the opportunity to provide much needed resource for the schools and to send nine members of the teaching staff out to Africa over the Easter holidays.  It is hoped that the project will develop over time and that close relations between the two diverse communities will be fostered to the benefit of each.  Lindie Louw, Head of Hazelwood, is excited as much by what Hazelwood's own pupils can gain from the experience, as she is determined for the promotion of a better standard of teaching and learning for the schools out in Africa.

The Charity Concert brought together members of the school's choirs and instrumental groups.  The final choral piece, sung in Swahili, the predominantly native tongue of Tanzania, was aptly translated as 'We Shall Go!' . The first of Hazelwood's teachers set off at the weekend on the start of their extraordinary and life-changing adventure.

Posted: 03/04/2018 at 13:38
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