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A School of Smiles

As the end of the academic year approached, and the heatwave threatened to cancel Sports Day on account of it being too hot, the children and staff of Hazelwood School and Nursery gathered for the whole school photographs.

Postponing the more traditional shot until the autumn term, the school instead opted for a more informal approach with the photographer leaning out of the window of the Old Building to capture staff and children (on the main school site) outside of its new, and magnificent Baily Building.

So apologies for the fact that not everyone’s blazer is buttoned up correctly, or they are looking in a different direction or indeed pulling a strange face.  This is who we are – a school full of personality and individuality.  A community of spirits who are united in their love for learning and teaching….and for standing in flower beds!
Posted: 11/08/2017 at 13:33
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