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A flipping good time

On Tuesday 28th February, Hazelwood held its first ever Interhouse Pancake Race. The whole school gathered for what turned out to be an event filled with incident, with commitment, with cheers of encouragement and with …pancakes.
4 representatives chosen from each of the four houses and one staff member per team were invited to take part. They had to run around a specially laid out course choosing to flip their pancake three times either at the beginning, at the end or during their lap of ferocious sprinting. Their fellow house-mates, from Year 1 up to Year 8, lined the course to cheer them on.

There were dropped pancakes, there were damp-squib flips which did not qualify as a full toss, and towards the end there was some argy bargy on the course as runners jostled for the inside track (obviously not pointing fingers at Mr MacDougall or Mr Head). In the end it was left to Mrs Ford to bring the trophy home for Dowling. She crossed the finish line some ten frying pan handles ahead of Mr Head who was later the subject of steward’s enquiry, the result of which was Mr Mac and his beloved Irving being elevated to a second place finish ahead of Baily. It was a wonderful event and one which I know will be in the school’s Interhouse calendar for years to come.
Many thanks must go to Mr Lloyd for suggesting the idea and organising the proceedings with his customary eye for detail and mass-enjoyment. We look forward to whatever new ideas are being cooked up for next year’s race.

Posted: 14/03/2017 at 14/03/2017 12:14:00
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