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Fees from September 2016/17 (per term)

(reviewed annually)
Years  6, 7 and 8 £5,040
Year 5 £4,965
Year 4 £4,555
Year 3 £4,345
Year 2 £3,495
Year 1 £3,265
Reception (Oak) £3,070
OPTIONAL EXTRAS (Details are sent to parents prior to the start of each term)
a. Services:
  • Accident and School Fees Insurance
  • Bus Service
  • Late Rooms & Extended Day
As advised
As advised
As advised
b. Academic
  • Study Support (session is 30 minutes)
      -  per session for individual tuition
      -  per session for pairs tuition
      -  per session for group tuition (more than 2)
      -  per term in class
  • Individual Music Lessons per term
      -  with instrument hire
  • Examinations (CEE, Music etc;)
  • Outings


c. Activities & Clubs
  • Dance (Per category: Ballet, Tap or Modern)
  • Martial Arts
  • All other activities and clubs
As advised
As advised
  1. Fees for all pupils include lunches Monday - Friday.
  2. The attention of parents is drawn to the Terms & Conditions, sections H and I in respect of the payment of fees and penalties for their late payment.
  3. Failure to pay fees may result in a pupil being asked to withdraw from the school.  A copy of the school's Debtors' Policy is available on request from the Bursar's PA.

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