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The Hazelwood Fun Club

For 12 weeks a year, over the Easter and Summer holidays, often for a week at Christmas (however, this is dependent on when Christmas Day falls) and most half terms, Hazelwood plays host to the Hazelwood Fun Club. Dates that the Fun Club is running are published as far in advance as possible and are listed below.

The Hazelwood Fun Club follows a weekly theme with daily activities both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting). Our activities are planned weekly in consultation with the children and make full use of Hazelwood School's facilities including the indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and sports fields. Time is allowed in each day for snacks, refreshments and quiet play.
From the summer 2014 Hazelwood Fun Club is open ONLY to children aged from 4 years to 13 years who attend Hazelwood School (please see notice below). Activities are carried out in age group teams. The Fun Club embraces the National Playwork Values which place the child at the centre of the play process, empowering him or her to to explore through play, make choices of their own and play and develop at their own pace and in their own way. All staff have experience of working with children and young people and meet the required Ofsted qualifications.
As the Hazelwood Fun Club is now open exclusively to pupils of Hazelwood, we have changed the billing process so that the HFC charges will now appear on the termly bills, in arrears, in the same way as other termly extras. You will no longer have to settle the charges before the club starts. The charges are still eligible to be settled with Childcare Vouchers and will be marked on the bills with the (CV) suffix, the same as all the other eligible extras. The deadline for booking, however, remains the same and will be clearly marked on the HFC booking forms.
Children love the Fun Club, meeting up with their friends and having the chance to make new ones. As a result, it is very popular and places are filled very quickly. The Parents' Handbook contains all the information you need about the Fun Club, how the day is organised and how to get involved. The Booking Form can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Dates for 2016-17 academic year are as follows:

October 2016 Half Term:   1 week 24/10/16 – 28/10/16

Christmas: No HFC

February 2017 Half Term: 1 week 13/2/17 – 17/2/17

Easter 2017: 2 weeks 3/4/17 – 13/4/17

June 2017 Half Term: 1 week 30/5/17 – 2/6/17

Summer 2017: 7 weeks 10/7/17 – 25/8/17

Dates for 2017-18 academic year are as follows:

October 2017 Half Term:   1 week 23/10/17 - 27/10/17

Christmas: No HFC

Spring 2018 Half Term: 1 week 12/2/18 – 16/2/18

Easter 2018: 2 weeks 9/4/18 – 20/4/18  

Summer 2018 Half Term: 1 week 28/5/18 – 1/6/18

Summer 2018: 7 weeks 9/7/18 – 24/8/18 

If you have any queries about the Summer Fun Club, please contact the HFC Manager on depnurserymanager@hazelwoodschool.com 

Hazelwood Fun Club Information Handbook

Notice regarding changes to Fun Club admissions

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